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Subrosa Malum Fixed

The guys over at Saymayday did a review of the new Malum from Subrosa. When Subrosa announced in early Spring 2009 its introduction into the complete fixed gear market with The Malum Fixed, we eagerly wanted to get our hands on one to test it out. When we heard our friends at Orange 20 Bikes [...]

Mash builds…

spotted by Prolly from HKfixed via fixed gear london

Richmond bike shops just posted an article about all the great bike shops we have here in Richmond. “Despite being unbearably hot for 10 weeks every year, a fair number of hills, and an almost complete lack of supporting public infrastructure, Richmond is a great bicycling city. Really!” “In addition to a great loop of mountain biking [...]


Slick via 何問 Wood Purple

Liam’s Mash and the sword fork

Seen here. Campy Atlanta rims. Beautiful. FBM posted up the 1″ version of the sword fork.

All-city Dropout

From Jeff at All-City Up until now I’ve only been able to allude to the fact that we’ve had a freestyle fixed gear in the works for the last year or so. Today I’m proud to announce its official existance to the world. The time for some disclosure is finally upon us, and while I [...]

Korea beat American Apparel to the punch

See here via ssfgfc


From Hypebeast…. As an emerging bike-brand, Kinfolk looked to one of Japan’s most respected and established Keirin bike builders in Kusaka to produce and manufacture the brand’s frames. With few possessing the necessary knowledge, patience and understanding required to build a bike of this quality, Kinfolk’s offerings are undoubtedly something that won’t easily escape your [...]