I thought the Segway was bad.  God help us all.

Compact drive fixed hub?

Smallest cogs out there now are 13 tooth (if you are lucky like me you have a couple 12 tooth suntour cogs with special lockring) so compact drive like a BMX is pretty much out of the question. I’m not big on non threaded cog/hub interfaces like Miche and Sugino for street use but this [...]

The Trick contest at Meiji Park of tokyo 9/21 2009

The Trick contest at Meiji Park of tokyo 9/21 2009 from on Vimeo.

What’s the deal on night rides?

It’s that time of year… I hear there are rides Tuesday and Thursday. Sup?


Three new Yamguchi bikes

Never one to stagnate Koichi Yamguchi has three new frames coming out. Magnum Track Magnum Road Messenger 2 Yamaguchi has always to me been one of the most creative frame builders ever. I’m crossing my fingers that he will be at the Hand Built Bicycle Show when it comes to Richmond next year.


So jackass it’s amazing. I wouldn’t ride it but it’s nice to look at. Crucial. Biting Richmond Style.

White hot

Kalivinka has been working on a carbon track frame for the 2012 Olympics. It looks like its set up for use in sprint or pursuit events. I have never seen an eccentric bottombracket used for this purpose but the ability to adjust bottom bracket drop actually makes a bit of sense for a bike like [...]

2010 Cinelli

Had some time to take some screen caps of the goods… A few new bars for the U.S. market. New Vigorelli paint… I actually like the current one a bit better but it’s still pretty sick. Mystic rats complete for the U.S.? I hope so. Looks affordable. And the real goods… the Gazzetta. Four colors… [...]

Cinelli 2010

The 2010 Cinelli catalog just appeared in my inbox.