Compact drive hub update

Fixkin is getting closer to production on their compact drive fixed hub. Pretty innovative.

Hipsters discussing cyclocross

New Kazane prototype rings

Made in the USA too! Check it out over at Keirin Culture.


Bmorefixed blog.

Seen around the web

100%Pure Fighter Final 補正版 from kwast on Vimeo. yu from YU KU$UMOTOh! on Vimeo. small ass tricks practice. from K Birdie on Vimeo.


Full circle…

All You Haters (Suck My Balls) from nixbros on Vimeo.


Some pictures of the new prototype track Kazane track ring. Made in the USA of real 7075 alloy. These will come high-polished and should be available this spring.


I just got a login ID for rvafixed. My name is Mike Schmitt. I live in Richmond, I like to do tricks. I ride for Leader Bikes. This is my current setup right now. Leader 729TRK with a Milwaukee Bruiser fork. Soon I will be riding the new unicrown Leader fork. There is a pretty [...]

RVA getting ILL

Mike Schmidtt has been posting up some great pictures over at tricktrack.  Mike… send more our way! Prolly… we’re working content… I promise.