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pics by…klogr!

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I can't even guess what this thing is going to sell for!?

2010 Leader 729TRK V1.5 Trick Star

Above images (via Kengo @ PHOENIX.) show new gusset, reinforced BB, and clearance for a 700c x 40 tire.

300 miles…

Mash weekend ride from Santa Cruz to Santa Barbra, some nice shots on their blog.


Nara Keirin

Photo credit: Mike Spriggs (Gage & DeSoto)

Team Sky track kits > Team Sky road kits

Team Flwrider rekindling the flame of hotness.

Yes please.

The 3wrencho (coated) is your best buddy when you have a flat. Unlike your other friends the 3wrencho is made of heat-treated steel, removes 15mm axle nuts and can pry tires off of rims. Don’t worry, its glass-filled nylon coating is gentle on your pr…

Pursuit Porn: Rossin

via Berlin Fixed

From around…

Photo credit: m k m Photo source: Trick Track Photo credit: Brenton Salo Photo credit: Jesse Johnston

Mash builds…

Some nice shots of the 2006 Mash crew set-ups. Pro. Rory SFGFC

COG Magazine Issue #8 Preview Slideshow

Check out the slideshow HERE!